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With the fear of  CTE due to  fierce hits to the head , we decided to step in and make the game a whole lot safer for today's youth.  We designed a football helmet that reduces the force from helmet hits that make it safer for both  the person delivering the hit, and the person receiving the impact.  We know that hits with the crown of the helmet are currently one of the most dangerous impacts in the game. That's why we developed the Patent Pending: Impact Suppression System. 


Our Objective

 Our objective is to get these helmets on the heads of as many youth Football teams as possible. With the goal of reducing as many dangerous hits as possible  to ensure our future leaders from trauma due to crown football hits.


Off Season

Our impact doesn't stop with the hit. Youth players aren't just members of a team, they are members of our community.  We are working with local youth Football organizations to promote safety  through our Impact Suppression System.  This technology allows the players to have a safe and enjoyable youth program experience.    


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